Dean was so focused on the monumental task of putting one foot in front of the other; he never noticed anyone’s tired eyes gauging him from across the street, lingering too long on his missteps.  Instead he turned and guided himself into a dark alley, his calloused fingers dragging against the cold brick.  This was a safe town, and even fucked out of his mind he could posture better than most.  Worst case, he never left home at night without his father’s pistol tucked in the back of his jeans, and he could shoot the buttons off a jacket at 100 meters.  He was John Winchester’s son, it never occurred to him to be worried.  Not about his own safety.  Especially now when the only coherent thoughts he had were of getting home and the dread that coiled up inside his chest at what would inevitably find him there in the morning.

It was too much, and it was swallowing him up.  

First Chapter of my fic Blackbird Fly is up on AO3.

Dean/Cas Highschool AU.

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