“You don’t want me to see you?” Cas asked, not angrily, but he trailed his hands down the length of Dean’s arms, making him shudder.  He’d only taken his shirt off for one person, a few months after the fire, and it had been in the dark, and she had looked at him with so much pity he’d almost just asked her to leave.  He didn’t want Cas to look at him like that, because he didn’t want Cas to leave.  Fuck.  He was in way too deep here.  He wished he could shut it the fuck off.  “What are you so afraid of?  That you’ll scare me off?”

“No,” Dean grit his teeth together, because he didn’t know how to explain himself without just laying everything on the table, all his insecurities and fears.  He wasn’t going to do that, hell no, so he bit the inside of his cheek and tucked his fingers up under the hem of his shirt and pulled it off in one swift motion.

From Chapter 8 of Blackbird Fly, my Deancas AU Fic.

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